Professional Public Speaking Skills... and the Personal Journey of Claiming Your Voice

A 10 Week Online Training 

Claim Your Voice is a complete and proven system for finding true confidence, power and skills in public speaking. And it's a personal growth course in claiming your voice. Based on 20 years of coaching and training thousands of speakers, this step by step method will help you with these issues:

  • Anxiety, nervousness and fear around speaking
  • Vocal strain
  • Fillers such as Um, Uh, Like and You Know
  • Exhaustion after speaking
  • Insecurities – and a mean inner critic
  • Presentations that are interesting… but do not inspire your audience to work with you
  • Being frozen, awkward and unexpressive – not feeling like yourself when speaking and networking
  • Not knowing what to do in order to speak effectively and get other people’s attention
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Here is just some of what you will get out of the Claim Your Voice training (there's much more):

  • Heartfelt confidence - speaking will become much easier
  • Presence - that transforms your life, and inspires others
  • Connect powerfully with your audience (also great for consultations and working with clients)
  • Compelling body language that’s approachable and authentic
  • Deep relaxation - and increased expressiveness when speaking
  • How to craft talks that inspire and move your audience!
  • Vocal power – increased resonance, vocal projection and an engaging speaking voice
  • Knowing how to pause effectively - and to stop saying "um"!
  • How to warm up and prepare for talks
  • The Confidence Mindset - completely transform your relationship to speaking
  • How to work with mics... how to warm up and prepare... And Much More!

What’s different about Claim Your Voice?

First, this is a training – a complete and holistic system – that gives you everything you need to become a powerful speaker.  Its holistic approach will completely change your skill set... and give you tools that you will use for the rest of your life. You can begin the 10-week training right away. And, to accommodate busy schedules, you also receive access for 1 full year.

Second... we make it easy. You're guided, step by step, through every exercise. Every level includes practice routines.  If you can practice twice a day for just 5-10 minutes, you will transform your speaking skills, and become a more confident and powerful speaker. Third, we’ve found a solution to the biggest problem with online trainings: people tend to drop out. To change this, we’ve created a fully customized, gamified platform. Gamification brings in game-like elements to engage and inspire you to actually practice. It’s fun, motivating… and it works!

About the Coaches

Jonathan Bender, MS, MFA - Founder of WholeSpeak, LLC and The Performance of Your Life

Jonathan Bender, MS, MFA has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals become confident, authentic and dynamic speakers who change lives. His work blends professional speaking skills with performance technique (acting, voice and movement) and personal development. He also trains and certifies coaches in the WholeSpeak Method. Jonathan is also the creator of Connection Jams™, and holds Masters degrees in both communication and performance, and is a theatre director, actor and creator.

A coach for 20 years, he specializes in working with those who care as much about growing themselves as they do their careers: his clients range from CEOs to entrepreneurs to actors, and people from 5 continents have taken his trainings.

You will also be supported with live classes, led by coaches who have been trained and certified by Jonathan Bender. While optional, these give you the opportunity to get direct feedback and help.

Julia Beauchamp

Julia has been described as, “warm”, “loving”, “refreshing” and “alive”! With over 2500 hours of performance and facilitation experience, Julia knows what it takes to captivate a room and have an impact. Julia has 15 years of professional training in performance, voice and speaking including a B.A. in Acting from Emerson College. She’s taught yoga and voice internationally and has toured to offer workshops and trainings across the country - and has coached yoga teachers in voice and presence for many years.

Jodi Power

Jodi has been performing, producing and creating for the past 20 years, 12 of those in the bay area.  A Master Artist, for the past 8 years her clientele has ranged from internationally known companies such as Google, Intel, Apple, Cisco, YouTube Live, W Hotels in addition to providing services for a variety of circus entertainment companies such as Earth Circus, Velocity Circus and Henna Garden. She has worked with companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Oakland Opera, and was the Co-director of Caboodle Clown Theater.

Johanna Walker

Johanna is the fear-blasting, storytelling maven for entrepreneurs and people with a mission. She helps men and women with a mission put their powerful stories and from-the-heart voices out front so they can have the impact they want to have, reach the clients they’re meant to serve, and change the world in big and small ways. Since 1997 she’s helped hundreds break through fears, step into leadership, and claim their place at the table through speaking. She’s worked with teenage girls, incarcerated women, fledgling entrepreneurs and corporate execs, over and over witnessing the transformative power of telling our stories and speaking our truths. She holds an MFA in Contemporary Performance from Naropa University.

Cristie Chamberland

Cristie comes from a background in Somatics (working with, and through the body, to create lasting changes) with a strong dose of creativity. She is certified by Jonathan Bender and also a Master Somatic Coach from Strozzi Institute. Cristie believes in a whole body approach to life and its changes.  By bringing awareness to our sensations and our body, as well as our mind, we have a wealth of information.  She has a background in dance through the 5 Rhythms practice, Ecstatic Dance, and is a Dancing Freedom Facilitator. Cristie is also an artist and storyteller. She believes in the importance of play, laughter, and creativity in all things, especially ones that might scare us, like public speaking.

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The Claim Your Voice training integrates numerous performance techniques - which professional actors use to find confidence, presence and expressiveness, but can take years of training - and simplifies it into a cutting-edge, step-by step system that is accessible for anyone. If you practice, you are guaranteed to find greater confidence and speaking power.

Speaking was one of those “necessary evils” related to my business that I neither enjoyed nor felt very competent at. Working with Jonathan turned that around dramatically. And actually very quickly. I had visions of it taking many months or longer before I achieved confidence and ease with speaking. But in mere weeks my experience of speaking changed from dread to excitement. I found that my true voice had been there all along. I just needed the grounded, warm, and compassionate presence that Jonathan provided to relax into my natural style of expression. And he made the whole experience fun … and very playful. Working with Jonathan has truly changed my life. Allow him to change yours.

Chris Zydel
Chris Zydel Creative Juices Arts

How It Works...

Each week, you learn a few techniques to practice daily, just a few minutes a day. These pave the way for the next level techniques. This holistic approach organically builds both your skills and confidence in a matter of weeks.

You can also expect this training to change your life. You will become more relaxed and at ease in social situations…have stress reduction… experience greater connection in your personal relationships… and more. This is not hype: it's been reported over and over from our members.

And, it will give you all of the foundational skills you need to become a strong speaker. All of them.

How did this system develop? It's the culmination of 30 years of theatre and speaking experience, and 20 years of coaching. Here are some of the techniques, methods and influences:

Acting , Voice and Movement Techniques and Influences Include:

  • Laban Movement Analysis
  • Body-Mind Centering
  • Roy Hart Vocal Work
  • Linklater Voice Training Technique
  • Michael Chekhov
  • Jerzy Grotowski
  • Viewpoints

Theory, Philosophy and Growth Modalities Influences Include:

  • Performance Studies
  • Communication Theory
  • Tibetan Buddhism
  • The teachings of Maestro Lar Short and Grace Essence Mandala
  • Numerous Energetic Practices
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What's included in the Claim Your Voice training:

    • 10 Weeks of Training – broken down into 10 levels

    The core course is set up as 10 levels to complete, with a total of 34 professionally crafted videos, audios and handouts.

    The 10 levels:

    Level 1: The Inner Work of Claiming Your Voice. Before we move into actual speaking and performance training, it's essential to get you in the right state to shift into this new way of being in the world!

    Level 2: Cultivating Ease and Relaxing Into Confidence. Level 2 helps you let go of physical tension, improve your breathing, and prepare to enhance your voice.

    Level 3: Opening to Being Seen. Learn foundational body language and vocal power.

    Level 4: Cultivating Expressiveness. Enhance your enunciation, voice and facial expressions.

    Level 5: Crafting Powerful Talks, Part I. Discover how to put together talks that are dynamic, engaging, and sound completely real and non-formulaic.

    Level 6: The Art of Connection. This will reorient you to connecting with an audience, and with people in your life - so that others feel deeply seen and heard by you. You'll also learn how to gesture.

    Level 7: Presence. The culmination of the other levels, you begin here to find your own authentic presence!

    Level 8: Crafting Powerful Talks, Part II. You'll be taught how to craft your own talk, step by step - and you'll put together a short "Manifesto Talk" to share with others!

    Level 9: Own the Stage. Learn how to walk effectively... use a mic... and more.

    Level 10: Integrating and Growing. Get an introduction to becoming a dynamic speaker, and how to take these skills to a new level.

    • Optional Live Classes

    In these live classes, you get to practice your techniques on video with one of our coaches and get direct feedback. While optional, it's great to join in when you can. Every time you're in a class, you get personalized feedback... or watch the recordings and you will benefit from others' experiences. Note: class times alternate between 12 and 5pm Pacific, to accommodate members in different time zones.

    • Inspirational Calls with Jonathan Bender!

    Jonathan will continue to give you his latest tips and breakthrough coaching all year. These will help you keep growing your speaking skills and confidence.

    • Community Connections and Support – both Local and Worldwide!

    We'll connect you with others who are near you to practice. And regardless of where you are, you’ll be connected with a global community of people who are claiming their voice and making a bigger difference. Plus, you'll get support and connections through our unique online platform and in our private Facebook community.

    • Practice Partners and Groups

    For all who desire, we will connect you with others in your area to practice with in person or over Skype.

    • Numerous Extra Bonuses! Including...

    Becoming a paid speaker – several bonuses included!
    Nonviolent Communication (NVC) – a 6-hour guide and e-book from Alan Seid of Cascadia Workshops
    We also keep adding in extras for you!

    Do these myths about speaking apply to you?

    I could never be a speaker – I don’t have any talent.

    Here’s what Jonathan says: “I stopped believing in the idea of talent years many years ago. I consistently found that anyone can become a great speaker simply by learning and applying this method. This is true for you, too. If you take this training, you won’t believe how much you’ll improve, and how quickly it will happen. Hundreds of others have benefitted, and you will too. Guaranteed.”

    I’m not ready. I have too much fear and I’m an introvert.

    The only thing that is truly required is your desire to transform your old patterns, and to learn great skills that will transform your speaking! That’s it.

    And, this training is actually perfect for introverts: you get to learn and practice the techniques on your own, and then apply them in all aspects of your life. If you’re willing to simply try…and to be kind to yourself as you grow… then you’re ready.

    I should wait to take this course until I have speaking engagements lined up.

    You mean… wait until you’re really under pressure?

    Not a good idea. It’s best to integrate these skills over time, so that they become second nature to you. Then, when you have an upcoming talk, you’ll be be ready to rock it!

    I don’t have time do this.

    Is that really true? In general, just 10-15 minutes a day of practicing is all you need. The very first week of the course, you’ll get effective tips on how to integrate this training and practicing into your life.

    Also, the video and audio trainings will be yours to keep, as well as recordings of all the video classes, so you can continue to review and learn from them whenever you need them.

    This is going to make me look fake, or like other speakers.

    While other speaker trainings can’t be spoken for, the basis of this one is to help you be authentically you, and to enhance your true presence.

    The powerful growth work included in the training assures this, as does the Claim Your Voice system.

    Our commitment is to help you be yourself on stage – and to grow into an even more relaxed, confident and dynamic version of yourself.

    I can learn what I need through Toastmasters.

    Toastmasters provides excellent practice – but most chapters don’t teach actual technique.

    They don’t address the inner world of the speaker either (to authentically address fear and discomfort, for example), and certainly don’t give you anything related to theater and performance techniques.

    They will, however, count all of your “ums” – which won’t help you actually change it, but might make you more self-conscious. This is why many Toastmasters members take Claim Your Voice.

    Public speaking training only works in person.

    The most important thing in this type of training is time to integrate the techniques. This isn’t provided in weekend workshops, but it is here with our customized platform.

    And, since this is the 3.0 version of the training, we know it works –and have made it even better.  

    Jonathan adds: “I can’t tell you how many clients over the years requested videos and audios of the lessons for them to keep practicing with – which you’ll now have, to keep learning from for years to come. Plus, it’s an extra safe space for those who are very shy.”

    When you take this training… you’ll also be giving.

    AfricaWe strongly believe in making this powerful accessible for people who could never possibly afford it. The Performance of Your Life creates partnerships with 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations that serve underprivileged and underserved demographics – specifically, people who are making a big transition in their lives and would benefit from greater support. They may be recently homeless…survivors of domestic violence… former gang members and more. These are people who need both the inner work of claiming their voice, as well as speaking skills that will help them get jobs.

    For every four paying members, we give one scholarship – so you’ll be supporting others when you join, who couldn’t possibly get this training otherwise. Here's one of our current nonprofit partners, out of Rusinga Island, Kenya, who you will be supporting!

    I knew that I wanted to overcome my fear of being in front of people. I also couldn't speak in a clear and concise manner what I wanted to say. Jonathan showed me through his online training that I could learn the process of becoming a speaker. Now, I travel throughout Canada, the US and soon be traveling overseas to be a presenter and teacher for Fascia Bowen and other courses I developed for Bowen Practitioners. Jonathan, you gave me the tools to shape and till my garden… and now I harvest that crop of knowledge everyday and share my feast with others through my words. Thank you!

    Frank DiMaio
    Frank DiMaio Bowen practitioner and instructor

    Jonathan, I just want to say how grateful I am for your Signature Talk course and all your guidance. I was just at the beginning stages of my business, still working in my corporate job, and was taking my first big leap onto the virtual stage. You helped me express my own compelling story, organize my talk, and seamlessly offer consultations: my very first teleseminar, which you helped me with, led to six premium clients and $15,000 in revenue. What a great investment that was! Thank you again for such an excellent program. Keep doing what you're doing

    Fawn Gilmore Kraut
    Fawn Gilmore Kraut Relationship Coach for Single Professional Women
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    In summary, you receive:

    • 1

      10 Weeks of Training -

      Expertly crafted on a cutting-edge platform, with professionally produced videos, audios and handouts. Plus daily practice reminders (via email or text) to keep you on track!

    • 2

      Extra bonuses and rewards when you complete each level of training, to motivate and inspire you, including -

      - Tips for monetizing speaking
      - 5 CD Nonviolent Communication Home Study Course
      - Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Kate Winch to go deeper with releasing fears and trauma around public speaking

    • 3

      Live Classes -

      With certified Claim Your Voice coaches, to give you feedback and extra tips. Or watch the recordings and benefit as well!

    • 4

      Inspirational Group Calls with Jonathan Bender

    • 5

      Practice partners and groups

    • 6

      Private Facebook community

    Your Investment

    This training is valued at $1997 – and that’s before all of the bonuses are even figured in.

    At this time only, you can join Claim Your Voice for $997. 

    Because of the high costs involved with running the program, we cannot guarantee this price will be available later.

    Payment Options:

    Full-pay: $997

    3-Pay: 3 monthly payments of $367

    5-Pay: 5 monthly payments of $237

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    Our Guarantee

    We offer a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days. By that time, you will have had time to experience the training and check that it works well for you.

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