Speaking Skills and Confidence Primer
Do nerves around public speaking hold you back from speaking... or simply frustrate you?

Would you like to know exactly what it takes to become a confident, powerful and authentic speaker?

This free 3-part video course (which you can watch immediately) includes 3 sections:

The Authenticity Trap. Learn how trying to be authentic can be problematic - and what's far more powerful to do instead.
5 Proven Methods to Transform Public Speaking Anxiety. Yes, these really work! Discover techniques that are a total game-changer.
The Powerful Speaker Blueprint. Get a map of the skills you need to learn to make a much bigger impact, and to attain speaking mastery.
Live events are back... and so is public speaking! While virtual events will continue to happen, it's also time to speak in person.

If you feel some nerves around speaking, or if you'd like to learn how to be far more effective and powerful as a speaker, this 3-part series will help you discover your true voice.

Who it's for: This is for people of all genders, skin colors, and sexual orientations who care about growing themselves both personally and professionally. Whether you're a coach, executive, healer or other professional, join in to discover how to grow your confidence and your skills.
About the coach: Jonathan Bender MS, MFA, has coached thousands of conscious professionals, executives, and coaches to become confident, dynamic speakers.

He is the founder of WholeSpeak and The Performance of Your Life, has been an expert coach and facilitator in public speaking, presence, and connection for over 25 years. He integrates personal and spiritual growth into public speaking and leadership presence, to help you claim your voice and make a bigger impact.

Jonathan holds graduate degrees in both communication and performance, and loves to work with people who desire to grow themselves both personally and professionally.