Join Jonathan Bender for a special video class - and be completely inspired:

Public Speaking as a Path of Transformation

It's well known that public speaking is the best way to get known as an expert and to get more clients. What isn't well known... is that when you choose to step into the spotlight and speak to groups, you undergo a powerful transformation. This growth serves you... and your clients... if you are prepared. Master public speaking and performance coach Jonathan Bender, MS, MFA will bring his 20 years of coaching public speaking and personal growth (and his 30 years on the spiritual path) to this live video class. You'll get inspired to bring your full self to others... even if it's scary... and learn how to more effectively transform both yourself and your audience.

  • Discover how public speaking is a vehicle for spiritual growth
  • Learn how opening to being seen... makes it the perfect vehicle for growing into your true self
  • Find out how speaking to groups will help you have a more loving relationship with yourself

Whether you are an aspiring or an experienced speaker, you will leave inspired to get up in front of groups and share your wisdom!

Watch the Replay- and in addition, you will also get access to a free course, Your True Voice: How to Speak with Power and Presence to Increase Your Influence, Income and Impact.

Teachings Include
  • The Authenticity Trap: What stops heart-centered people from becoming powerful speakers
  • Proven methods for transforming public speaking anxiety into confidence
  • A blueprint for becoming a powerful speaker

Jonathan Bender, MS, MFA has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals become confident, authentic and dynamic speakers who change lives. Jonathan’s work blends professional speaking skills with performance technique (acting, voice and movement) with personal development.

The founder of the WholeSpeak™ Method, he also trains and certifies coaches. Jonathan is also the creator of Connection Jams™ and The Performance of Your Life™. He holds Masters degrees in both communication and performance, and is a theatre director, actor and creator.

A coach for 20 years, he specializes in working with those who care as much about growing themselves as they do their careers: his clients range from CEOs to entrepreneurs to actors, and people from 5 continents have taken his trainings.

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